HDTV 250 Gig DVR $799 with 1 Year


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Oct 2, 2003
Found out from marketing that Direct TV will have there new HDTV TIVO with 4 Tuners for $799 with a one year contract in 1-3 Months.
$699 for new customers.

At that time Dish plans to match that offer. Right now they may not have any special deals due to the limited supply.

There is more talk on this other product in this board.

Yes, with similar waiving of the fee with a certain level of service commitment. The D* does apply per account and not per DVR though IIRC.
Stargazer said:
WOW, the price, a good bit cheaper, and FOUR tuners. Dish better get on the ball.

Nice to know, but D* does not have the capacity to add any HD channels until it has a new satellite whereas E* does but are dragging their feet.
Maybe E* is waiting for the announced HD Tivo to then one up them with new HD channels & thus have the 921 & more channels!

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