811 probs - SD not filling full 4:3 area


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May 23, 2004
I have two probs with my 811:

a) Standard def television is not filling the full 4:3 area. I have a 16x9 native 720p display. I know the 4:3 area by looking at the gray masking bars in one of the Dish display modes. Depending upon the channel, the output always has black space between the image and the gray masking bars on both sides. Some channels have more and some less. Some are more to the left and some are positioned more to the right. If I change to stretch mode, to fill the 16:9 panel with the 4:3 image, I get the black bars on the sides still. When I view HD content, the edges are crisp. This leads me to believe it is the satelite signal or the receiver, and NOT my display.

b) Standard def signals have fuzzy/squiggly lines at the top of the image. Almost like the image is 'underscanning' as opposed to overscan. Some channels are worse than others. I noticed MTV wasn't doing this the other night. Also, the 'subscriber alert' channel is not doing it. Is this part of the DVR or the Closed Captioning signal getting through?

Are these two issues related? Like an underscanning effect or something? Has anyone else noticed this?

I called Dish and the guy thought it might be the receiver, so I am getting a new one next week. Just wanted to throw this issue out there to see if others are running into it and if the receiver is the problem?

Gawd - no wonder Dish doesn't have the money for development - they waste it all by sending replacement receivers when it's not needed.

Feel free to puruse this forum and others such as DBSTalk.com, and you'll see that these are fairly common problems across several different receiver models.

Most recently, the white line problem tends to disappear after a hard reboot.

The 4:3 underscan has been discussed at great length under 921 forums. It appears that the developers don't want to cut any of the picture. This of course defeats the purpose of GrayBar mode, but that's the way it is.

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