811 promo requires pro installation?


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Dec 15, 2003
Here's the lowdown; My father has been a Dish Network installer for many years, more or less for a independant satellite retailer, if you live in southern california, theres a good chance you could've boughten a system from Allegro Satellite. On the weekends I would always help him on installations for extra cash if need be when I wasnt working, so Im very capable of installing any type of equipment.

That aside, I recently got a HDTV. I was reading up on the 811 promo so I called Dish, was told it was $149.99 but if I ordered they would have to send out there installers to hook it up. Well thats the problem, I told them Im capable of installing this, and I have family who are installers. They refused to sell it to me unless they had their guys come install it.

I already have a Dish 500, from what I understand I dont need a SuperDish to 61.5 since the HD channels were moved to 110, so why in gods green earth would it be necessary for them to send out an installer to ....hook up a reciever?

It's really not that big of a deal for me, its more of a annoyance, I probably will end up calling them back up, and if they want to send out someone for that extra hard reciever swap so be it, its their time not mine.
jerryez said:
To verify that you are a legal subscriber and at the correct address that you have listed for service.

Don't you mean to make you miss 3 or more days of work cause they will never have stock of the 811 ?
To verify that you are a legal subscriber and at the correct address that you have listed for service.

Can't they verify you are a legal subscriber when you order one over the phone?

And the 811 could be sent to only the adress listed for the service.

I don't get it either. I installed my 6000 without a problem. Why not the 811?
They offered to send the 811 out to me, but only as a swap for my 6000. If I wanted to "add" the 811 to my account, it would have to be "installed" by them.

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