Can someone else buy an 811 for you if you are on DHP?


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Dec 1, 2003
If I am on DHP and want to take advantage of the 199 offer for the 811, could I have someone who is not on the DHP plan (ie: parents) buy the 811 for that price and just let me use it?

Also, I have heard deals of $149 and $199. Which one is it? Is it $149 for those who already have the extra dish if needed?

Since installation is included, they would have to have it installed at their house and service initiated for the 811 in their name.
The purchaser has to commit to a 1 year contract at the minimum level of AT-50, and activate it on their account. If they don't keep it active for 1 year there is a penalty clause.
I am a DHP customer and got the $149 deal - you have to call 1-866-443-5162 (the Dish Network executive office) and speak to one of the CSR's there. The regular CSR's will most likely not be able to help, so this exec office number is great! Also, I did not have to commit to any programming level, sign up for credit card autopay or anything like that. The $149 price is for 'exclusive' customers who have been with Dish for a few years, have had one of the higher-end packages for a while etc... Everyone else gets the $199 rate. Hope that clears it up - good luck!

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