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Jan 7, 2004
This saturday I'm having an 811 and a regular receiver installed. I had cable before but my provider still is analog and no hope of HD channels for a long time. My 811 will be hooked up to a standard tv as my HD mitsibishi will be in next week. What does the phone line function for on the 811?(payper views, program guide) Is the number it calls toll free as I don't have long distance on my home phone anymore. Does the 811 come with component cables to run through my Denon 3803? I'm also a little scared of the 811 as I've read many problems, is anyone enjoying their 811? Any help or suggestions woud be aprreciated. Thanks-also does the 301 receiver need to also be hooked up to a phone line?
I've had my 811 for 3 weeks now and have only noticed two issues with it. The s-video connection is pretty dark, but I used the component connection which is fine (actually I just started using the dvi input which works great too). Until two days ago, I was unable to use the Recall button between OTA channels and satellite channels. But, for some reason, the Recall feature has worked the last two days. My software version is the same and I didn't make any changes so I have no idea why it is now working, but no complaints here. My 811 replaced a Samsung OTA receiver and it has done a fabulous job so far. I don't regret my change from cable to Dish at all.

Neither my 811 nor my 301 is connected to the phone line so I can't provide any input on that. My 811 came with component cables.

I, too, was pretty hesitant after all of the negative 811 posts I read. I took the plunge anyway and haven't looked back yet. Maybe I was fortunate and didn't get a buggy unit because it has been excellent so far. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
My recall only works when on sat channels.... I can recall from a sat channel to OTA, but once on OTA it is stuck.

I really like the 811, I always stay on component 480p now (I have 4:3 screen) and only change to 1080i if I am going to watch something in HDTV. It would be nice if the box were to have an option for this to happen automatically, but I can type menu-6-1-9 pretty quick now.

My S-VHS is a bit dark, perhaps my TV is automatically compensating some.

Right now if you just say it is a 6000 with a few extra bells and whistles you would be pretty accurate. Even the help in the menus say it is a 6000. The extras are 480p, simultainious output of non HDTV and HDTV outputs, very fast menu/guide scrolling, and really cheap price.

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