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Feb 2, 2004
Kailua Kona, HI
Has anyone noticed a diffenernce in signal strength on the 811 versus a 501 receiver?

I'm in Hawaii and my 811 averages about 10 units less than my 501. It's especially noticeable on the HD channels which barely lock at about 50 using a 30" dish.

Thanks, Dune
just had my 811 installed yesterday morning. seems that the OTA features of the unit are flaky. It's funny, if I leave it sit on a channel it will take 4 or 5 minutes to lock. I watch the signal bounce from 80's to 49, back and fourth. Then all of the sudden after it locks it's fine, no drop outs or anything.

So I had my friend bring his OTA samsung and it works fine. I even get more channels. OTA sucks on 811, I just don't think it was important for Dish to get it right.
This problem exists for many users and has persisted since the 811 came out.

Do a search for - 811 OTA 49% - and it will bring up a lot of previous threads such as this one.
I too have a difference in my signal stregth, 110 is about 10 points lower, and 119 is about 4 points lower than my two 301's are! Don't know why! To me if its got to do with the 811 being more sensitive both Sats would be lower an equal amount.

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