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Jul 22, 2004
I have a quick question regarding the video inputs on the 811. I'm scheduled to receive an 811 receiver tomorrow and was wondering if you can set up a Tivo through the video inputs on the 811. Right now, the Tivo is running into my TV through an S-video input but if I remember correctly, I hear you can input various video sources through the back of the 811 and tune to a certain channel to watch them. Has anyone done this with success? Does it upconvert the Tivo video? I ask because it would be more convenient to do it this way rather than running the SD Tivo to my TV and having to switch inputs every time I want to use it.

Also, does the 811 upconvert other video inputs as well (such as XBox, DVD player, etc.) or would I be better off just using the component input on my tv?

Thanks in advance.

(By the way, I ordered the 811 on Monday and it's scheduled to be delivered on Friday. They said 7-10 business days, so I'm impressed it's getting here this soon.)



Aug 10, 2004
I go from 811, through TiVo, to TV

Here's what I do:

The satellite signal goes to my 811, and the HD signal (component cable) goes directly to my TV's HD input (labeled HDTV).

When I want to watch in HD, I tune the TV to the HD input from the 811 and directly tune the 811 with my universal remote.

I take a SVideo output (SD, not HD) from the 811 as input to the TiVo. The output from the TiVo goes to another input on My TV (Labeled TiVo).

TiVo has several season passes and it needs to control the 811 to get to the proper channel, so most of the time the TV is tuned to the TiVo input, so you can watch pre-recorded shows and live TV (rare).

The 811 will downconvert any HD to SD, so the TV can record shows that are in HD, but you will watch them back in SD (Come on, TiVo!, where's my HD PVR?)

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