811 Video problems


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Dec 18, 2003
Got the 811 up and running, using it with a new JVC 26IN LCD.

High quality DVI cable, when I set the 811 to the 1080i, running 16x9, I get lines accoss the video feed. Mostly during fast camera movements and all all HD channels, some worse, DISCHD when they are showing a mounting scene panning across, others during action shots. I can make this mostly go away by reducing the to 720P, but TV supports 1080. is this a receiver problem, not enough bandwidth for 1080, switching to 720 causing other problems with picture size. This receiver is buggy, twice lost the sound, had to turn it off, one time went to a screetching noise.

It's not bad in 720, but that creates size issues when viewing SD channels.

It is SO bad that you cant hardly watch it. Hockey game was like something had major interference.

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