811 vs. 6000 Why is the 6000 so expensive?


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Apr 18, 2004
I've noticed most 811's going close to retail, while the 6000's are going for 450+. Why is this? It has to be more than just the 6000's being easier to compromise.
I'll be more blunt. Hackers want the 6000, because it still has the blue card. The 811 has an internal card, which has not been hacked yet.
The 6000 is a solid, proven unit albeit primitive and the 811 is still buggy and prone to OTA issues, audio issues, drops, freezes, etc...

I just picked one up on ebay for 450.00. It has the dish 500 card, which is find with me since I just needed an additional HD receiver.

Includes 8PSK and 8VSB modules.
Also the 6000 can not be enabled to downres high def like the newer receivers such as the 811 can. This is important when broacasters start using flags to tell the equipment to downres video on HDTV's without Digital connections.
deathopie said:
They must be able to hack the yellow cards too. I just sold mine for 560.

They probably just took the yellow card out and put in a blue one, they do not care they are hacking... Nagravision II conversion should be done by the end of the year, will be interesting to see if they can cut off all the pirates like DIRECTV did.
6000 retailed for $499 without any modules.
8VSB module retailed for $149.
8PSK module retailed for $99?

That brings the box up to $747. Luckily I got mine as a "new" customer for $299 with the 8vsb and the 8psk for $50.

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