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Tom Forness

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Nov 7, 2003
I am getting impatient waiting for the 811 receiver to come out.
I would like to know the main differences between the 811 and
the 6000. I can get everything I need for $149 for the 6000 which
is big savings over the $399 for the 811. Any suggestions and comments
would be greatly appreciated.
(I have a Toshiba 46” HD and currently have
DISH 500, 301 and 3700)


Well Tom, (if thats your real name..)

The 6000 is old and its days are numbered. It is bug ridden and it appears that they have little interest in fixing the known bugs. The GUI is ugly, sort of EGA 16 Color DOS days ugly. It is slow to use. The PSIP part of HDTV doesn't work on it either.

The 811 is new. Not many people have seen one yet, so reliable information is scarce. It appears that the 811 will use the "Open TV" software as its OS. So it should behave like other "Open TV" receivers such as the 4900, 301, 501, 508, 510. There are the receivers with the White on Blue menus. They 811 *should be* quicker, have more features, DP+ Technology.

But in the end, there will not be a single HDTV channel on Dish that you cannot watch with the old 6000.
I've never had any bugs with my 6000. It IS slow. The guide is a clunker. But it's been faithful to me for 2 years now. One advantage is the component and RGB outputs cannot be downrezzed. The 811 and PVR921's HD outputs can (other than DVI), though that "feature" likely won't be used for a long time, thank god.
Just got off the phone with DISH again. Decided to wait until the 811 because of the extra cost ($81.47) for the legacy adapter when I get my Superdish down the road. Also, thinking of getting another receiver to replace my 3700 when I get the Superdish due to the cost of this adapter.

Thanks again for you answers,
Dish will supply the legacy adapter free as well with your free superdish upgrade subject to a one year commitment.
WIll the adapter be free for both my receivers 3700 and if I get the 6000 (2 adapters needed). The CSR did not seem to know about the free legacy.
Playing the CSR game.......
Not sure - the general philosophy with Dish is to make sure you get what you are getting now, but with the Dish replaced, so you will go order more HD and potentially locals. So I think they will provide legacy adapters for up to X receivers, but who knows what that X will be? Too early to say, maybe more info on Charlie Chat on monday.

Also note, there is no incentive for Dish to upgrade users to SuperDISH unless they are HD viewers or have locals that need it. I would expect that the free SuperDish upgrade may be limited to HD receiver owners and new LIL areas.... until later.

The free SuperDish may be just bundled with HD receiver packages for the existing SD people.

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