DISH Network First To Offer DVR That Can Record HDTV

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DISH Network First To Offer DVR That Can Record High Definition TV Shows

October 2003 (Newstream) -- EchoStar Communications Corporation and its DISH Network are rolling out the newest digital video recorders (DVRs) in time for holiday shopping. With more programming and sports being broadcast in high definition, it is a perfect time to get ready for the New Year with a high definition DVR.

The DISH Player DVR 921, available in late 2003, will be the first DVR to allow viewers to record up to 25 hours of high definition TV or 180 hours of standard definition programming without videotape. A DVR also gives viewers the control to pause live TV, perform slow-motion instant replays, and use four speeds of fast forward and fast reverse.

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or the Zenith HDR230?

Oh, sorry, that's a PVR, not a DVR..

Anyway, I want mine.
bytre said:
or the Zenith HDR230?
I'm very close to buying an HDR230 - they're listed at $999 but you can find them for around $600. And, as far as I know, no DVoD fee :). But the disk is only 80GB - not nearly enough.

Cyclone said:
I'm guessing that nobody has ever heard of a HDTV PC Card with can record HDTV?

Assuming you're talking about Over-the-Air, there's at lease three on the market:

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