811 Waiting List at Dish-How long?


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Dec 4, 2003
811 Waiting List at Dish-How long? Oops wrong Forum

My neighbor called Dish last night and was told they still did not have the 811's in stock but was put on a waiting list. Anyone know how long the wait is now days for the 811's when purchasing them thru Dish? He is an existing customer and lives in Sacramento California. Thanks... :)
I was told it would be 4 to 6 weeks on the Jan. 16th - when I was placed on the list

I wonder what the price will be when I actually get to order an 811, I hope they still honor the $149 exclusive deal, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.
Has anyone had any expereience with a local reseller/installer of E* would honor the $149 deal for the 811 for an existing customer, or is this pretty much a direct deal? I was told by a local installer that they have the 811's, but I have not heard back from them after a couple messages.
Thanks for the info.
Other Neighbor gets 811 in days

Well the other neighbor called into Dish as a new customer and got his 811 in just a couple of days and for pretty much no cost to him. It is amazing how Dish forgets the long time customers that have helped them be what they are today and make us wait weeks and looks like at least a month for a product they will give to a new contract without batting an eye. :confused:
I have been on the waiting list for around 3 weeks and called again yesterday and was told it was going to be another 3-4 weeks! My local dealer right around the corner has them in stock, BUT can not sell on to me for the "deal" of $199. I called 2-3 other local retailers and was told the same thing. What kills me is that I know of someone who signed up as a new customer around the same time I called the first time and already has his installed....for almost free no less. I have been with Dish for almost six years and this kinda crap finally has gotten to me. They do not care about their current customer base as it is obvious they put new sign ups before us. Well what that got them from me at least is right after I got of the phone with E* yesterday I picked up the phone and ordered a Directv setup. Cost me $80 for a Dual Tuner DVR and second reciever inc. install. Heading over to BB this weekend to pick up an HD reciever (I think Sony) and once I sell my current stuff on eBay (2 501's and a 5000) I will probabaly be only in 300-400 bucks with better equipment!!
I disagree, at least on my end. I'm a new customer that signed up mid-December and am still waiting for my 811 to be installed even after three lengthy chats with their executive escalatons team. I've called all the local retailers in my area and nobody has an 811 in Eastern Iowa to install, they all take the order and then call Dish. You guys must be living in a larger, or luckier, area than I. Wanna send some up my way?

sprintcarcrazy said:
I you want one bad, sears has them for $399, you can have it in a week.

I bought mine for $179.99 from Sears ($199.99 mplus 10% pricematch)

I called dish and spoke to a manager and he told me if you dont get on the waiting list before 1-31-04 that the promo ends and on 2-1-04 they are $399.99 for existing and new pricing for premiere customers. He said a premiere customer is someone with a bill over $65 and and been a customer for 3 years without any delinquincy in paying there bill.

Just got off phone with CS.. Will trade in 301 for 811.. On wait list, $99 with one year commitment.. 4 -6 weeks.

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