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Apr 11, 2004
Near NYC
So we had the cable dude over to fix low levels and look into my unability to record first run programs. I wasn't home. When I got home I noticed everything is stretched now. I asked my wife what he did and she told me he said he was, "fixing," it so it fills the screen. ARRGGHH! How do I get back in and go back? The pq isn't as good and it's stretching HD signals, too! Cutting off parts of the screen.

Also, I'm a little annoyed because he determined the recording problem is probably a problem with the box and I need to swap it out. Of course, they didn't send him out with another one I have to go swap it out myself. I can do it but it's rather annoying.

The Rickster
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Nov 3, 2004
It's the button on the remote just right of the ZERO. I think it's * or #, but either way, it cycles through the zoom modes. I only use it on 4:3 channels that are letterboxing.

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