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Jul 11, 2004
After 6 months waiting, my 921 will ship on Tuesday. I have understand that the unit needs 2 sat coax inputs to function. Kinda hard to do since I wired single coax to each location when the house was rebuilt 2 years ago. I guess I will have to jury rig an insightly line around and down outside.
Question: what is the status of the dishpro switch to combine signals down one line with a decoupler at the receiver end? When will it become available? Is there any other solution except running another coax line?

Thanks guys!
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K R Kimmel

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Without the DP+44 switch or DP+ LNB's the only option is using 2 runs of coaxial cable between the 921 and the switch/LNB.

As for the availability of the DP+44 switch, my understanding is that an overheating issue was discovered and the unit is on hold until the problem is fixed.
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Feb 29, 2004
Florissant, CO
K R is correct - DP+44 is on hold - at least for a little while.

But the other half of the equation could be months, years, decades, before it arrives, and that's the software support in the 921 for DP+ technology.

nemo2001: Beings you have to run a line, run dual RG-6. This will help avoid any possible inconsistencies between the 2 tuners, which can cause serious and strange operational problems with the 921. The 2 feeds have to be absolutely identical.

Running fresh dual also means that you have a clean indoor coax that you could use to feed the 921's SD output to elsewhere in the house. I use that feature to drive a TV in the office. I use a standard IR repeater and a cheap 50x remote to control it. The buttons are 100% the same except no PIP controls on a 50x.
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