921 & 811 Listed on Dish Network Website (Sort of!)

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The 921 and 811 is now listed on the Dish Network HD Receiver Page! (Well sort of!)

A big nod goes to csschrot for letting me know about this find!

You can see what the page looks like when the hidden fields are un commented by clicking HERE
Note that while this page has been uncommented it is in no way official until it appears on the Dish Network Website, this is to show you what it looks like when the code is not blocked

Check out the source code of the following page...


You will notice that the following which has been commented out (for the 921)

<!-- 921 -->
<!--<tr><td colspan="3" background="/images/products/receivers/horiz_blackline_bg.gif"><img src="/images/products/receivers/921_boxtop.gif" width="208" height="15" alt="DISH Player-DVR 921" border="0"></td></tr>
<td valign="top"><a href="javascript:page.WinOpen('/popUps/products/receivers/lg_dishplayerdvr921_img.shtml','features','no','no','no','0','no','no','402','500')"><img src="/images/products/receivers/921_box_img.gif" width="91" height="67" alt="" border="0"></a></td>
<td><img src="/images/template/clear.gif" width="10" height="1" alt="" border="0"></td>
DISH Player-DVR 921 is a dual-tuner satellite receiver that combines the power of digital video recorder (DVR) technology with the ability to receive and record high definition television programming directly from DISH Network and off-air digital broadcasts.
<img src="/images/template/bullet_sqr.gif" width="7" height="7" alt="" border="0">  Combined standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) two-tuner     satellite receiver that provides Picture-In-Picture (PIP)
<img src="/images/template/bullet_sqr.gif" width="7" height="7" alt="" border="0">  Includes DISH Video-On-Demand Service that allows you to pause live TV,     play, stop, fast forward, fast reverse, skip forward... <a class="morelink" href="/content/products/dvr/index.shtml">more <span style="color:#cc0000">></span></a>
<img src="/images/template/bullet_sqr.gif" width="7" height="7" alt="" border="0">  250 gigabyte hard drive
<img src="/images/template/bullet_sqr.gif" width="7" height="7" alt="" border="0">  Up to 180 hours* SD recording, up to 25 hours* HD recording, or a     combination of the two
<img src="/images/template/bullet_sqr.gif" width="7" height="7" alt="" border="0">  "Platinum Plus" UHF/Infrared 4-component universal remote control.
<img src="/images/template/bullet_sqr.gif" width="7" height="7" alt="" border="0">  Up to 9-day extended Electronic Programming Guide
<table width="100%" cellpadding="0" border="0">
<tr><td colspan="2" bgcolor="#000000"><img src="/images/template/clear.gif" width="1" height="1" alt="" border="0"></td></tr>
<td valign="middle" align="left"><img align="absmiddle" src="/images/template/pdf_icon.gif" width="22" height="22" alt="" border="0"> <a class="redlink" href="/downloads/pdf/product_brochures/dish_player-dvr_921.pdf">Download Product Brochure ></a></td>
<td align="right"><div><strong>STANDALONE - <span style="color:#cc0000">$999.00</span>SYSTEM MSRP - <span style="color:#cc0000">$1199.00</span></strong><span class="smalltext">(includes SuperDISH antenna)</span></div></td>
So Dish is starting to do this same trick as DirecTV (their HD package was on the web site but commented out before announced). Too bad Dish also doesn't get their products out like the DirecTV folks.
Well so much for the "free" SuperDish, but at least the 811 with Superdish = 599!!!!!!!
Other Receivers Up As Well

Dish used the same technique on the other pages as well.

If you look at the DVR pages it lists the 522 and 921 and on the Standard Receiver page they have the 301, 311, 111, and 322.

I will try and do the same thing Scott did, so you can see what they look like.

Here is the Standard receivers page, some of the links/pictures are broken, but the important ones are there.

Something I found very interesting is the compare receivers link on the side. (This was also hidden like the receiver info was).

Working on the DVR page now!


Go here:
Tahoerob said:
Have you checked the HD programming page for leaks on new programming!?!?!?!?

No, there wasn't any new hd programming. Oh well, looks like we're just gonna have to wait for an announcement......1 year later, still waiting.... :D
new stuff

Well, I have been waiting for at least two months (and I feel for you guys who have been waiting far longer!) for any real availability of Dish stuff, primarily the 811. I decided enough was enough of poor cable in our area, and was ready to make the move to satellite for a 4-room setup. Dish was my first choice, and we ended up getting two HD monitors to go with our two SD sets, and were eagerly waiting each month for info...and it seemed that I was able to find out more here (thanks Scott!) than even any local dealers knew. How sad. Since it has been continually pushed back I decided to go Direct, and found a package with the Hughes receiver and two SD receivers plus the dish installed for $370. Then after a little hunting I found an open box Hughes at the local Best Buy for $350, and got it for the second HD set. Maybe I could have held off for Dish, but I was also worried about any bugs in new equipment, ala Voom. At least now I have HD on two sets OTA while drumming my fingers waiting for the installer! And, we can always go with the sports packages next fall if we want to, and unless I am mistaken those are n/a from Dish.
OK I don't know code but am interested in how the hell you did that? I am blown away by this and have to give credit for finding this. What does commented out mean? Doe you have a screen of the 522 page that was mentioned above?
"Commenting out" means that the text and stuff are in the web page, but they are preceeded and trailed by HTML codes that says, in essense "Begin ignoring after this spot" followed by "OK, you can start interpreting again". It is often used by web page programmers to put stuff in like "Friday sale items go here" which are for the web page programmer's info. Sometimes, programmers setup a whole new web page and then just "comment out" the sections that they do not want to be shown just yet.

If you are doing regular viewing of the page, you don't see the stuff that is "commented out", but it's still there being sent to your browser just the same.

Anyone, and I stress ANYONE can do a 'view source' function with any web browser and see this stuff- if Dish truly wanted to keep this stuff a secret they wouldn't put it in "almost ready" state on their website.

What has been done here is that the web page source code has been copied and the codes that mark the begin and end of the "comments section" has been removed, allowing the full web page code to be executed.
Nick said:
Why are you hacking Dish's website? Where, or rather, what are your ethics?

Wow.. to clue you in, HTML is a clear-text language, meaning it is not encrypted. Viewing the 'source' of a website is not illegal in any way and is not protected by any laws. Basically if your web browser can display it (or it is commented out in code) it is free game for viewing, even if the site uses javascript or other means to hide the source it is still easily viewable.

Scott might be breaking a few copyright laws by re-displaying the website, unless he has agreements with dish to reproduce their information.

I suggest you get a clue before assuming and accusing someone of doing something illegal.

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