921 available mid to late November


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John Corn said:
Shucks, I was hoping it would be sooner. :(

Want to place money on that? Mark said 11/15, or then again maybe a couple of weeks later. The slide said 'for the holidays', but they didn't say which one, hell it could be the 4th of July and they's meet their date (but then again they didn't say the holidays of what year now did they)? Maybe they want to win a couple of more best of show awards?
Scott Greczkowski said:
The hardware is ready the software is not.

Scott, frankly that doesn't make me feel any better. Unless I'm mistaken, it's been said that they 921 is based on the 721 software and we all know what that box has been like, heck they're just getting out the interactive weather today on the 721, something that the 301 got many moons ago.

On top of that, are you still hearing that the initial batch will be 'limited availability' so that there will still be many folks that want the box but can't get it because Dish is doing a 'production' beta of the product?

Also hearing the definite answer that you can do only one OTA ATSC channel, either view or record is starting to make switching to D* for the DirecTV/TVIO HD box something to really consider.
Scott Greczkowski said:
The hardware is ready the software is not.

It will be worth the wait. :D

I'm not so sure. If the software is such that after all this time, Dish still can't give a specific date for release, I'm getting very concerned about the condition of the software. What was optimism is turning into pessimism that there will be a relatively stable software release this year for the 921.
I've worked in software for a very long time. I suspect that after all the flack prior release have gotten, they are spending some real QA time on this version.

Especially since it is based upon the 721 software. We all know it is just rolling, and if I was running the show - I would let my final real world test of the software occur with the 721 group and then release the 921.

QA and beta testing can only find so many bugs, some still make it through no matter how much you test. You add the new failure conditions to your test suite for future releases so they don't sneak back in. But real world use does find more bugs.

Yeah I want mine now, but I'm willing to wait for testing to be complete.
He did say that the hardware is in production. What this means is that once the software is ready, there should be a decent inventory of hardware available. In the end, unless you where at the top of the list to receive a 921, this probably doesn't mean there will be any longer of a wait.
Here in NW Pennsylvania an installer is going to earn his money trying to install a Chimney mounted Superdish "around the holidays", either Thanksgiving or Christmas.
It will be worth the wait.

Well, that's what was said about the L1.15 upgrade, too. Now that it's here, we have audio problems, limited time to extend recordings, frame-advance problems...

Did Charlie hire the DishPlayer programmers that Microsoft let go? I'm getting that eerily familiar feeling... :)

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