921 Dual Tuner question


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Sep 8, 2003
Can the 2 tuners used to view two different live progams thru two different rear outputs at the same time?
Let me give an example - The TV that I will be putting the 921 on is also backfed thru the antenna output to a 2nd TV in my sons room. Can one of the tuner be set thru that output and the 2nd output set thru the other outputs that will go to the HD set?

Thanks in advance for any knowledge.
No the 921 will not output seperate programs via seperate outputs.

Not the answer your looking for im sure. :)

Sorry about that.
You're right Scott, not the answer I was looking for, but the one I expected.
Gor one other question, see if you know. WHen the 811 comes out, will it use the same UHF remote as some of the earlier DVR's? If it does I might be able to buy one on Ebay rather than pay full price from DISH for a 2nd remote.

Maybe there will be in the future a 922 in the works with dual tuners and the ability to watch two different things on two different tvs at the same time. That would be like combining the 522 and the 921 . Imagine two different hd programs going at the same time on two different tvs? You would only need one hd receiver instead of two.

Now that's a bargain!!
Before I heard about the 522 coming out I was hoping that they would come out with the 722 in which allowed an output to two tv's and thought that it should have had outputs to two tv's in the first place.
May be it was just rumors ? Because on 721's PCB no space for second output; no spare spots for IC's , connectors, resistors .
That could be true seeing how the software would be more complex in which would have to determine if one tuner or the other has control of the whole receiver, sharing of information among both outputs, and so forth. Is the 522 going to be the first dual tuner with two tv outputs to ever come out?

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