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Sep 8, 2003
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This may have been answered somewhere but I cant find it. We currently have the Dish 500 with dual lnbs which means 4 rg6 cables come from it. There are 4 active receivers in the house
When the superdish replaces it will there be 3 cables or 6? While the siding is off the house we want to run the cables from the dish thru conduit in the walls ,for later changes if necessary and to get rid of a lot of unsightly wires on the siding. So, if the answer is 3 from SuperDish we will have a spare and if it is 6 we will need to add 2 now to save time later.
#1 Im assuming there is no problem with doing this.
#2 Do we know for sure yet how many will come off the lnbs?
Thanx for the help guys. :)
Thanx Mike

Thanx for your answer Mike.
We are at the moment without satellite at all :( The crew that is working on the house moved so much stuff around it that we are getting no signal. We have some very unhappy campers around this house so we are trying to figure out the remounting of the dish and get it done before too much time goes by.
It was mounted on the side of the house but we are now considering mounting it to a storage shed in the back yard that actually has a better line of site. I have seen your posts and you seem very knowledgable about a lot of this so I have to ask a couple things.
If we move to the shed mount it would be about 60 feet from there to the basement and then our longest run from the basement would be about 40 to 50 feet. Should we put the switch in the storage shed close to the dish or in the basement closer to the power supply? I was thinking in the shed so there would be a shorter distance for changing the number of drops from the dish when superdish comes along. From what I have read I think we will still be pretty good on our distances if we use good RG6.
Thanks for the help Mike.

Re: install

SatelliteGAL said:
The switch is the SW64.

I would put it in the shed for wiring reasons, but if you are going to have to trench coax anyway I would run a couple of extra to future proof your system.
Oh lets not even mention the OTA HDTV antenna. That is lying on the ground waiting for a new home too. lol One step at a time. We only have 2 live ota channels right now anyway. Oct 1st abc is supposed to be on but they have delayed before. I do see what you are saying if we decide to mount it on the shed though.

Thanx for the answers guys.

I would recommend that you run at least a 1-1/2" pvc between the shed and the house. Then, from the basement, I'd run two RG-6 cables to each room. That way, you can always add extra cables from the dish mounted at the shed to the switch, wheich is best mounted not of the weather.

To answer your specific question, yes the Superdish will need only 3 cables (one for each satellite location, 119, 110, and 105).

So for now, you could run four RG62 cables from your Dish500 to a switch 64 inside your house and then feed the outputs to four receivers.

When you upgrade to Superdish, they would replace the dish and swap out the SW64 for a DP34 using only three of the four cables from the dish. Then, if any of your receivers are 4 digit model numbers, you need a Dishpro legacy adapter ($70) located within 10 feet of each receiver. If the receiver is a 3 digit model (i.e. 301, 5xx, 721, etc.) the legacy adapter is not required.

It remains to be seen if they will actually charge for the legacy adapters.
Thank you for your reply to my question. It helps to be prepared for the next phase.
If I wait for the DP 4:4 switch to come out will I still need the adapter for a model 6000 w/8psk & 8vsb or will the switch negate the need for it???
Thanks again
I seen a diagram where the DP+ 4:4 switch coming out next year had a legacy without the DP legacy adapter hooked up in the diagram. Maybe it comes with a DP legacy adapter built in.
Somehow I thought that I had seen/heard/read that somewhere. Either the Tech Chat or just a little time will answer that one for me. Im sitting tight when the SuperDish first comes out so I can have more info. We do have the 61.5 wingsat for a couple locals and HBOHD so I will need that switch anyway.
Hooray!!! We have satellite back at last. It has been a looooonnnnggg road. Moving the dish, running the cables through conduit and getting it all put back together was time consuming but hopefully well worth the effort. It is hooked up and we are back in business. Just clean up and final touches to do.
After almost 6 days on rabbit ears I think anything would look good!!!

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