921 + HDTV for $999 (Existing Customers)


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Nov 22, 2004
Just talked with a 921 advanced tech guy at DISH yesterday. They are now offering a 921 plus your choice of a 34" Direct View or 40" RPTV plus 1 yr. of HD pack for 1/2 price plus installation and delivery for $999. I am an existing DISH customer who is going to move into high def soon. (That is a $450 TV price...almost low enough to give it a try regardless of quality.)


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May 24, 2004
I have the 34" TV. It's really a RCA 34W20, with a Dish Logo. When I bought the HDTV in a Box promo back in February, I had my doubts about the TV, but not the 811 it came with. I was wrong.

The TV, is a big heavy CRT with tons of inputs, an internal subwoofer, and has performed flawlessly in my Postage Stamp sized Living Room. There are tons of comments here and on "that other" website about the 40" vs. 34." But as for me, I'm more than please with my TV.

The 811 on the other hand....


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May 22, 2004
I honestly have to disagree with people who hate the 40". I have it and a Mitsubishi HD set. The dish 40" is just as nice. I only know 1 person who got the 34" and they said it is comparable to their 30" philips HD set quality. So IMO either way, they are decent, especially for the price.

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