921 Optical Out & Non-DD Q?


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Nov 17, 2003
North Arkansas
I just switched out my ANALOG L-R audio outputs to an optical TOS-Link cable on the back of the 921.

I am impressed with the difference optical makes, BUT....

I switched to any one of a number of AUDIO ONLY channels - NO SOUND OUTPUT

I switched to several other channels that didn't have dolby digital(DD) in the Info screen - NO SOUND OUTPUT

I switched back to any channel that had DD and the sound came back. BTW, The Matrix kix serious ass in DD & optical!

So is it me, or is there a problem with the optical out on Non-DD programs?

Is this normal?

How do I work around this without going back to ANALOG L-R?

Do I have to connect BOTH?

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Menu-4-4. Help.

When you're done kicking yourself around the room (or kicking me if I'm wrong :D), remember that not all Dolby 5.1 from any source (sat, DVD, whatever) will be better than analog stereo - audio editors get drunk and lazy a lot more often than they should. If the 5.1 sounds bad, try playing with your stereo's virtual or simulated settings - you may be pleasantly surprised.
SimpleSimon said:
Menu-4-4. Help.

Well that was enough to do it. I had it set for DD only.

As soon as I switched to to DD&PCM the optical out worked on all channels.

I also hooked up the ANALOG L-R to another input so I could hear side-by-side comparison.

In DD broadcasts, the optical kicks. There is a lot more sound seperation between channels and the highs seem crisper.

In non-DD broadcasts, I can't distinguish the difference either way.

As for experimenting with receiver setting, I have a few favorite modes. My receiver auto selects the optimal settings most times and does a fairly good job at it.

Thanks for the 411 or 4-4 as it were. ;)

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