921 OTA Fix Helped with New Antenna


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Sep 8, 2003
Owasso, OK
My DTV signal has never been very good, so today I purchased a Terk TV55 antenna and installed it as far SE in my attic as I good ( all the broadcasters are SE of me). Now all the channels have single strength above 100 and haven't had to reboot it since. We'll see if it will record now.
First Event is to record is tonight (CSI: Miami). The only time I've gotten it to record is to have the receiver turned on and tuned to an HD Satellite station.

It did lock up once last night though. So not all is perfect yet.
I was able to get a timer to work this way too:
Goto 8000 range locals (if you have them), and set a one click timer.
Then edit timer & change channel to OTA channel.

The timer will have correct info unitl recording.
After recording, the info displayed will be "Unknown recording"

I STRONGLY suggest to NOT even attempt to tune to another OTA channel NOR watch the one being recorded during the timer. My 921 did not give a conflict warning & actually tried to tune to a second OTA channel when I tried. Of course the timer screwed up & locked tuner!!!

Also, I get better luck tuning an OTA channel by starting out on a sat channel & via guide or direct number goto an OTA. I then go BACK to a sat channel before attempting to tune to another OTA channel. This way does take a lot longer before it locks up!!!!

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