My Mistake or DISH's?


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Jan 18, 2004
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I ordered an 811 reciever at the beginning of December after the special deal was announced on this forum. My original install date was December 15th, which was then pushed back to this past Saturday, January 17th. The installer showed up at the beginning of the appointment window and did all that was necessary to install the reciever, then he called DISH to shut off my old receiver and activate the 811. This is where things started to go wrong.

When I originally called to buy the reciever, I got the $149 deal. I specifically asked if there were any programming commitments that were attached to this deal. I was told no. I just had to give them $149 and I would get the reciever. On Saturday, with the installer standing by, the DISH CSR told me that I had to agree to a years commitment of the HD package. I told her my story and she said the HD package was required. I went to the next level and her supervisor gave me the same story. He then told me that he thought he remembered that the package was required only for DHP customers. He checked with his "executive support", but came back with the same answer that I had to sign up for a years HD programming. At that point, I told DISH that I no longer wanted the reciever and I had the installer pack everything up and take it away.

I know that if this requirement had been mentioned when I ordered the reciever I never would have ordered the reciever. I dont like it when DISH or any company tries to force me to commit to a service and I have held off buying new equipment from DISH because they always tie any specials to these kinds of requirements. Also, I dont have a HD television right now and would have no use for it. I just wanted the 811 so that I would be ready when I buy a HD TV later this year or next year. And the price was too much to pass up.

So my question to the group is, can anybody back me up on my belief that there were no programming requirements when this deal was first announced? Has anybody gotten the 811 without having to commit to the HD package? Or did I just get a CSR when I ordered who didnt know the specifics of the deal and said something he shouldnt have?

I plan on writing an email to the address to see if they will do anything. I dont hold much hope at this point. If anybody has any other suggestions, please let me know.

I ordered the first day the 811 was available. I had no commitment to the HD package. I was already a subscriber to the HD package.

I think the offer ran very shortly with no commitment to the HD package.
Okay, I think you are right that the programming was not required. But AKKKK after to takes sooo long to get the 811. They would have to rip it out of my cold dead hands to get it out the door.

You should have signed whatever and then gotten on the phone with someone from corporate and they would have sorted it out im sure.
I was very reluctant to let the installer take the 811 back, but I had no confidence at all that DISH would do the right thing. I was afraid I would be paying for 12 months of HD programming that I couldnt watch.

Is there a way to reach "corporate" without going through the CSR's? Or is the CEO email address the best option?

My recollection is the same as yours. I was offered 811 early on with no progarmming commitment.

But when I called recently, there was a one year requirement of the HD package for the 811. Not such a big deal to me, as I already have the HD package with my 6000.
As a subscriber to DISH who added the 811, I was required to add the HD package for 1 year to take advantage of the 149 pricing. Previously I had no HD from DISH. I ordered mine back on DEC 3...
I ordered my 81 on Dec 2nd. It was installed on Jan 3rd. I did not have to make any commitment to get the 811 for $149. I did already have the HD package, so that may have been a factor.
It's worse than that ...

I had a similar experience. Let me share.

I called because I wanted locals. Was told I needed Superdish and receiver upgrade. Iasked what receivers were available. I was told the 510 and 301. (No one mentioned a monthly fee with the 510, nor did the Web site.) I did research and determined I needed the inputs and outputs on the 510, the 301 would not be an adequate replacement for my model 5000. I called back to order the 510 for $99. No one (again) mentioned the monthly fee.

In a separate mailing about a week later, I discovered there IS a monthly fee with the 510. I was never interested in PVR capabilities, I just wanted a receiver that would get locals and that had 2 sets of a/v outputs.

I called and got a supervisor, who was very apologetic and after some time, he offered me a 811 receiver as "consolation" for my bad experience with customer service reps who don't give out proper info.

And guess what? He NEVER mentioned there was a monthly fee for the HD programming if you get the 811 !!!!

When I got a bill for $160 (the "free" 811 that they billed me for, plus other stuff) I called the executive offices. There I learned that they can't just turn off HD stations like they can activate/deactivate HBO, Showtime, etc. Well I don't have a HD tv, I tell them, and no one mentioned the HD programming fee, etc.

I talked him into 6 months of credits for the HD programming, which he entered manually.

I think it's all straight now.

It seems to be a consistent problem with Dish CS reps. NOT mentioning monthly fees. I love Dish, I own the stock, but they are really pissing me off with this crap.
Literature that went into effect11/15/03 has the requirement"subscription to DISH Network HD Pak required for length of minimum programming purchase". This may not have been part of the CSR's script but it was part of DISH'S promotional requirements. Have you got a recording of the conversation between you and the CSR that took your order?

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