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Nov 22, 2003

I've got some questions? Do the 921 receivers really exist or are they some kind of urban legend or unsolved mystery like the UFO that supposedly crashed at Roswell, N.M.? If the 921 exists (like some of you guys insist it does and some even claim to have (heck i'm even in a waiting list for one of this un-existing machines)) Did Dish used reversed engineering from a bad UFO to make this things? Cause those hack photos of these supposedly existing machines sure look cool and sexy (some of this photos look very convincing), but from what I have been reading in this forum, those receivers cases must be either empty inside or full of some kind of E.T. Gremlins. Well I guess the truth it's out there. If anyone has the answers please reply...
The OTA problems are my biggest beef. I kept losing the signal for the Oscars last night, even though the signal strength shows 80%. If they get a handle on that, it is a pretty nice unit.
I've got one, and warts and all, I wouldn't trade it for anything else out there....

Keep an eye on your local Sears they are supposed to be shipping en masse ANY DAY NOW.... (Yeah, I know, chuckle if you want......)

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