921 shipment recalled/pulled by Dish Corporate


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Sep 10, 2003
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Interesting note on the VSSLL web site.

"My DISH Network Sales Rep. Called me Friday Morning. He informed me they had my units in Atlanta and told me to come get them! I currently have 40 DVR-921's on backorder with DISH Network.

About two hours later, as I crossed the Georgia State Line, he called again to inform me that DISH Network Corporate Headquarters had recalled/"Pulled!" the units.

This is the shipment I was expecting from DISH on Monday.

I have no additional information!"

Here is the link http://www.vssll.com/921issues.html
Maybe they decided that releasing a buggy receiver was costing them a little too much in tech support overtime!!
I bet they are holding up a week or so to get the latest software update done to fix the major current problems.
I have my doubt about this since he was not buying his 921's from Dish (His units were all JVC units) which is why he got a large batch of units before everyone else.

DishStore.NET has been getting about 20 a week now for the last 2 weeks. We still have 100 on backorder and are getting them out the door as quick as we can. (If you are on our waiting list hang in there we will be getting to you SOON!)
From my conversations with VSSLL I got the impression that they had long standing orders in with JVC and Echostar for the 921. It just so happens that the JVC version was first to ship. I am also finding messages on other forums that would appear to indicate 921 shipments have been halted. http://www.dbstalk.com/showthread.php?t=22588
The 921s are not being recalled regardless of what VSSLL is saying. This is from Dave Kummer this morning (the 19th).
Hi Don,

Yep, isn't it amazing !! When you go back and read all the stuff about the 921 before it was released, AND then look at all the stuff since it was released you could almost write a book... of course it would have to go in the "fiction" department.

Thank goodness we have you , Mark, and Scott to help keep the info more accurate for us 921 owners.

A lot of things don't add up on that site.

Please turn your DVR 921 off when not in use. The receiver must be turned off to receive software downloads!

This is incorrect, your 921 will use the tuner not in use to download the software. To install the software the receiver does need to be power cycled, but to download it the unit can be on.

DISH Network requires all 921 customers to subscribe to the HDTV Pack. ($9.99 per month)

This is FALSE, you are not required to subscribe to the HD package if you want to buy a 921.

Please turn your DISH Network or JVC DVR-921 off when not in use!!

DISH Network is doing software downloads and "patches" frequently!

Again WRONG, infact the software out now is the same software which was available when the first 921's came out. Again the 921 downloads the software on the second satellite tuner when it is not in use

Also there is a picture of the 721 Keyboard and it says COMING SOON. From what I know there are no plans to release the keyboard in the imediate future.
I also know of no plans to release a keyboard, or keyboard support for the 921.

Unfortunately this was substantiated during my long conversation with advanced tech this weekend. Quote "Keyboard option is no longer being pursued since the internet option has been scrapped"


Still would be nice for searching and stuff like that.

So they made the hardware in the 921 possible to actually have internet capability if they wanted to just like the 721?
Stargazer said:
So they made the hardware in the 921 possible to actually have internet capability if they wanted to just like the 721?

It is a Llinux box with a few extra PCI slots, and it already has a phone line for dial up. If they wanted to, they could add Ethernet, or a wireless access point. Just add an expansion card. I would love to see a second 8vsb module myself, although they have said it *isn't* going to happen. :no

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