921 Update In Progress


Will post back when finished and I see what is new.

Yes its the fix, it is L1.45 I just got call durring dinner letting me know that the software was signed off on and would be spooled tonight
Be aware, this update does not fix all the OTA problems, but it does make the system ALOT more stable..

Again I have received OFFICAL word from Echostar of the L1.45 release.
Didn't fix my Caller ID either, or the lousy Aspect Modes (which are a laughing matter), or the transparent Guide issues.

Only thing I see it fixed for me was the white pixel issue.

FYI, Mouse Cursor is still there !

Oh well, maybe next time, or the next, or the ... :-(

The problem with you guys is that you do not learn from the past ;)
Dish fixes two bugs per release, and add a new one :D
My OTA bug is not fixed at all. I either get the channel for a few minutes, then the dreaded "aquiring signal" comes on; or I get "channel not found". Only a reboot allows me to try to tune an OTA in again.

Kinda sucks, I can't watch any OTA.
But at least the Rangers-Flyers game on ESPN HD looked great! And I could pause it to take a leak!
I had to do a smart card reboot and it seems to have my system working wonderfully. On the channels which were causing the lock up, it will sometimes take about 10 to 20 seconds to lock onto the signal when changing to or from them, but I have not had the OTA turner lock up since the smart card reboot after the upgrade.
I just got a note from Echostar, after your update is done you need to do a reboot of the unit again for it to work correctly.

Give that a shot and you should be good to go.
Does a self re-boot count. Last night I changed the channel from DiscoveryHD to HDNet. The screen stopped, then this white mesh grid thing came over the top of the picture with a + sign in the middle. It set that way for about 20 seconds then reset itself.
I have definitely notice and much more stable OTA response and seemly consistent channel display without the acquiring signal nonsense with this upgrade. I think that this update is made a difference. Thank you Dishnetwork, Keep it coming babe!
The OTA stuff is more stable but still locks up if you keep switching channels up and down. I had it lock up again last night after having the 1.45 update. Also my invalid DTV channels are still listed in the guide (The blank entries in my channel list when setting up the channels). EVerytime i switch across one of these invalid channels, the receiver locks up and i have to reboot. I cannot delete these invalid channels, it does not let me do this. A system reset will also not clear these invalid channels.
When I rescaned the DTV channels, it put all them in the list but changed the blank entried into duplicates of two of the channels, so now I got two copies each of two different PBS digital channels. When I try to view these PBS channels the receiver locks up, again I cannot delete these entries from the channel list. Wierd thing is though on the Guide, these invalid channels are displaying as WBDC-75 no matter what. Thats not even right as its supposed to be WBDC-50.
Anyways, it appears there is still more work to do to fix OTA.

More info, I tried the smart card reset I read about now and the lockup is now gone. My OTA will no longer lock up when I switch channels often and switch through my 'BAD' channels in my channel list. So OTA appears to be fixed in this regard for me to.

I still would like to delete my invalid OTA channels though. There needs to be a OTA database clear command so I can start anew.

Have not tried recording OTA yet, I was avoiding it before but now it looks stable enough to try.


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