922 - 2 Questions: Dish Pass and Recording Folders (1 Viewer)

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Uncle Flappy

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Dec 4, 2004
  1. I can't seem to figure out how to do the old "Dish Pass". For example, on the 522 I had a search set up for "Arizona Wildcats". Whenever my team was playing, the game would get recorded regardless of time or channel.
  2. I created a folder for storing recorded programs but want to rename or delete it. Not sure how.

Thanks for your advice!

- Flappy
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Sep 5, 2005
Norris, TN
1) there is no dishpass that I'm aware of on the 922
2) Change the My Media view to "My Folders". Select edit all (top right). Select the folder you want to edit the name of or delete. Under Edit Action select edit or delete.
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Apr 10, 2007
When you are in dish remote access on the left bottom you will see manual recording option, select it and it will be in the timer setup.

I see, the only problem is that it's not a true Dish Pass. I can't do a search for Royal's and set a Dish Pass recording. I have to set it for each series (Royals v Twins, Royals v Blue Jays, etc.)
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