922 EHD content viewable on other recievers besides the 612?


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Apr 1, 2004
I'm planning to put a new in motion dish in a new RV, and it would be nice if we could offload our home content to the ehd and take it on the road. If we use a 922 or 612, I risk that device trashing out pretty quickly because of the hard drive inside of a moving vehicle. I know the 211 supports adding an EHD but it appears at first blush that the content from the 922 will be unwatchable on the 211. Has anyone actually tried this to make sure? I could swear I migrated content from my 721 to my 922 when I upgraded, so it makes me wonder if folks are just assuming cross reciever ehd functionality won't work.

Then again it could just be hopeful wishing on my part...

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Sorry; you are dreaming. The 411/211/211k EHD is not really an EHD, it's a DVR Conversion disk. It is incompatible with the EHD used for other VIP DVRs.
I have a 211 with the DVR option (external HD) and the data recorded on the drive is only readable by the 211. The 211 doesn't recognize the data on a hard drive from either my 922 or my old 622. I'm not even sure if it would recognize the data written by another 211. A 612, 622, or 722 should work fine with your 922 EHD. I understand your concern about the DVR hard drive and the movement of the RV. When the DVR is powered off, the hard drive head is parked and there shouldn't be any problems. However, when it's running, a good hard bump could cause head to platter contact and damage the drive. I would think that most normal driving would be smooth enough to not harm the internal hard drive. You may just want to choose a compatible DVR, pay for the service plan and hope for the best. Unplug the DVR when you take the RV offroad :)

- Paul
Yeah, that pretty much sums up what I thought. I was just hoping someone would contradict me with what I really wanted to hear. So I think I will go with the cheaper 612 single tuner dvr and power it down when we're not on the freeway or camped. That would be the case most of the time. I'm familiar with had design and what constitutes a "head crash" so I may get clever and spring suspend the DVR. I'll still be able to bring recorded shows to the camper on the ehd.

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I'll still be able to bring recorded shows to the camper on the ehd.
IIRC, there is another wrinkle for you to consider. You can't watch your EHD when the receiver has no connection to the satellite data stream! Therefore, if you want to watch pre-recorded content without the antenna, you might want to consider moving it to the internal disk.
Good to know! Though we should have signal pretty much all the time...

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