922 to Hopper3 upgrade cost.


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Jan 12, 2017
Western North Carolina
I have 2 922's with the 2 OTA tuners built into both. I have had them since they came out and they changed my Dish to the Eastern Arc. I live in an area where I can get two of each of the major networks on the OTA. I also get a lot of PBS Channels. I have read the Hoppers only have 1 tuner for OTA. I do record a lot of the OTA channels most every night. If I add locals it will cost $10 a month.

My biggest question is, Can I keep one of the 922's to keep out in my Shop And add the New Hopper 3? I want to get a new 4K TV in the living room.
No, the only non-Ho receivers you can mix on a Ho account, are up to (2) of the 211 series receivers (211k/z/Wally)...& you must purchase those yourself. (non-leased)
Right now, "officially", you can only have (1) H3 on an account, but there are several posts here of subs that have gotten "exceptions" to that rule...I'm hoping it's totally lifted when they come out with that new DPH42 switch, which will allow (2) H3's on a single dish...as I have 3 Ho's myself.

They have also showed a new OTA dongle, which is also supposed to "eventually" allow 2 OTA streams to be watched/recorded, that's Scott posted here a couple weeks ago:

Honestly, I think with 16 tuners, you'll be much better off just adding a Jo for your shop to the new H3, which will also decrease your monthly cost down to $7 for that 2nd TV.
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Don't know what I was thinking when I posted that it was 2 922's last night. Turned on the receiver this morning and notice I had put Dish 722K on the name.

Is there a way to edit my post?
There is a time limit to editing posts, which has passed for you. But the thread is short and people will see the correction.

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