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Nov 17, 2003
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Now, maybe this question might be out there.

Last nite I was hooking up a dish at 61.5 for a station that just came available due to must-carry (KAWE). I hooked a line from the dish to my 5000 (which, didnt blow up as I thought earlier :)) so I could tune it in.

Anyway...Once I got a signal and did check switch, it said "All channels are programmed in". I hit channel down and I saw a channel that looked like 101, except it was how to use your DVR (the silver remote kinda gave it away). I heard them say "see, you can pause live TV". I blew it off and went throught to see if the station I wanted was on there. It was. I didnt catch the channel because I was about 8 feet up on a ladder

I hooked everything up to my main receiver, but that channel disappeared. I couldn't find anything over at TNGTony's site (the channel chart).

Now am I halucinating or is there a channel dedicated to working your DVR??

and if so......was the only reason I was able to receive it is because the receiver was unsubscribed??

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