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Dec 25, 2005
Stewartsville, NJ
Just wanted to let you all know about my fanstastic installation experience this past Saturday. The installer did arrive a couple of hours late which did kill my afternoon plans but it was well worth it. He showed up, I showed him the tvs and where I thought the dish need to be. He got right work. Proceeded to mount the dish on my roof, ran the lines, drilled the holes and pulled in the best picture I've seen in a decade. I actually had this done at my vacation home cause basic cable kept getting crappier and more expensive. I tried getting Dish at the property 5 years back but the installer refused to go up on the roof and kept pushing Direct. I contacted Direct but they wouldn't give me the option to turn the service on and off. I decided to give Dish another shot and I'm so happy I did. The installer was great. Nice clean install. No loose wires, everything nice and secure. In all honestly I was surprised considering all the horror stories I see here. Therefore I figured throw up a quick post letting the newbies know that there are qualified installers out there.


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Dec 3, 2003
Yeah well with any type of install it will always depend on who does the work where you live. So folks have better installers in their area than others do so sometimes it's just a toss up on who you will get and how good of a job they will do. Either way glad things went well for you. :)

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