a friend of mine has a question

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May 5, 2007
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There is no DIRECTV remorse period. Once someone signs for the installation, they're on the hook for upwards of $480.

If your friend manages to wiggle out, DIRECTV will leave the dish and they will stiff the installer for the work that they did to put everything together.

Finally, at some point a few weeks down the road, DIRECTV will ding your friend for failure to return any receivers (they are remarkably consistent at neglecting to send recovery kits).

What your friend wants to do is a terrible idea. I can't help but think that there isn't a better way.


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Feb 13, 2005
check your states laws you might get a 3 day writ of recession if signed in your home.
Usually, those laws only apply in cases where a salesperson came to your house and got you to sign a contract. They don't apply to phone or online sales. It doesn't matter if the installation is in your home or not.


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Sep 23, 2004
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wants to try out Directv as an new customer
and asking if there is trial period that u can cancel if not sastified with the service

i think its 3 or 7 days after you activated service and had it installed .. right ? :confused:
techincally for most states he has 24 hours from time of installation

some states about 10 or so have a period of 15 days but it is from time of order not time of installed so the 15 day period starts the second you place the order.

Joe Diamond

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May 3, 2004
What is there to try?

Your pal is planning to wreck his credit record. Tell him to cancel before the work begins.

It is situations like this that will or should end the FREE installation. If your friend signed a contract for a roof repair and then decided to change the color...what would happen?

Sadly the companies that might set up a demonstration set are not in the game any longer.

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