A heads up for Flex Pack subscribers


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Jul 15, 2011
I discovered a billing error on my account. It appears to occur when you add an add-on on the last day of your billing cycle, and remove it the same day or the next day, AND the billing cycle end date happens to fall on a weekend. My billing cycle ends on the 6th of each month, and here is what showed in my May bill:

05/21/17 - 06/20/17 Add-Ons
Local Channels 10.00
Regional Action Pack 10.00
Heartland Pack 6.00

05/06/17 - 05/20/17 Local Channels Added on 05/06, 15 days @ $0.3220 4.83
05/06/17 - 05/20/17 Regional Action Pack Added on 05/06, 15 days @ $0.3220 4.83

My June bill shows:

06/21/17 - 07/20/17 Add-Ons
Heartland Pack 6.00

05/06/17 - 05/20/17 Local Channels Removed on 05/06, 15 days @ $0.3220 -4.83
05/06/17 - 05/20/17 Regional Action Pack Removed on 05/06, 15 days @ $0.3220 -4.83

As you can see, the pro-rated charges were properly credited, but I did not receive credits in my June bill for the two 10.00 charges on my May bill.

I sent off a message to MattG hoping he still pops in here.
Not to derail the thread too much, but I ran into another potential problem for Flex Pack subscribers without Locals. When I scheduled a Dish Mover, the Locals were automatically added to my account. I caught the mistake right away when I logged into my account, but I was locked out of making any changes until after the installation was completed. The earliest installation appointment available was a week after I called to schedule the Mover, so this resulted in a pro-rated charge for Local channels that I never wanted in the first place. I dropped the Locals after the installation, and I got Dish to put a credit on my account to offset the partial charge. I am just posting this as another heads-up for Flex Pack subscribers.
So, what did Matt Do?
Unfortunately, he didn't see what I was seeing, and only gave a $5 credit as a courtesy.

I may try advanced billing support, if there is such a thing, like advanced tech support.

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