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  1. I have Flex Pack without any Channel Packs. Last night, I lost Reelz, channel 299. Did this happen to anyone else?
  2. Yes, looks like it was removed
  3. I called Dish last night, and they said that it was just a technical glitch, they are working on restoring Reelz, and it should be back today. Now, I am wondering if that is the case, or if Reelz was actually removed from Flex Pack, and Dish lied to me last night. :mad:
  4. I will have to check my receiver later, thanks
  5. Reelz (ch. 299) will be removed from Flex Pack and Latino Max on 04/19/17. Reelz will still be included in AT 120 and above. This is going forward with our new agreement with the station owners and we do apologize for any trouble caused.
  6. That's ok, they can just add Science channel or NBCSN in its place. :)
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  7. Also, this proves what I had been saying all along. Channel package placement is driven mostly by contract negotiations and it probably took a long time to get the Flex Pack up and running (with likely many of the contract disputes Dish has had over the years).
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  8. Looks to me like Dish got a lot of subs to sub the Flex pack with a two year price freeze, and to get around having increases they are just dropping the offending high priced channels out of the pack ,when they ask for too high an increase. Price didn't go up, but the quantity of channels drop in the pack.
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  9. http://www.satelliteguys.us/xen/posts/4057793/
  10. There are many free channels that Dish is refusing to put in the Flex Pack. Grit, GetTV, CSPAN 2, etc. Very stingy on Dish's part.
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  11. Looks to me like it was just to get more sub's to the G4 smart card
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  12. Looks to me like I'm still saving over $40 a month and still have access to the content/channels I want, except for 2 or 3.
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  13. I will have to see if I can get it. My mom just started liking that channel!
    Yup Toast! hmm
  14. Yes, if these channels are paying to be carried, then adding them could help offset any price increases for channels that are already in the package, so it really makes no sense why Dish wouldn't include them. :confused:
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