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SatelliteGuys Pro
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Sep 11, 2003
If any of you belong to dbsforums I ask you to PM BillKY and Sue or whoever the DTV babe is who liked my post to come here with my invitation. I quit dbsforums because of excessive editing of my post and I’ll pay to keep this forum JohnBKing free.
Name your price Scott.
We will not edit or delete any posts unless they are off topic and or contain obscene language (in which the offending word may have *'s inserted to replace some letters.)

In other words, keep the forums on topic and keep them clean and you will have no problems posting here. :)

Have fun. :)
I assumee that you got word paassed to your friends. If not I will send a message but I dont think they want 50 of them. Not sure why Scott's comment is here. if I said something wrong I am sorry. just not sure what that would be.
I think he was refering to my point on editing post.
Referring to YOU! No that couldn't be. It must have been me.
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