Aargh ... VOOM went dark in the middle of my movie! (1 Viewer)

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Feb 16, 2004
The fact that it was exactly Midnight Eastern Time indicates it is a legal issue.

Presumably if they are still on at 12:01 EDT, then they have to pay for the whole day.
They actually went down at 12:03 EDT. I was still watching VOOM at 12:02...


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Sep 12, 2007
I just fired off this e-mail to ceo@echostar.com:

"I was an avid watcher of Rave, Monsters, and a few other of the Voom channels, and am very discouraged by their abrupt removal from the Dish channel lineup. This was very discourteous to Dish customers. If this is the kind of respect I can expect from Dish Network, I believe that I will take my business to Direct Tv (the true leader in HD now that the Voom channels are gone)."


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Aug 12, 2007
tulsa, ok
all anyone on this website has complained about is more usable hd and for less money. well, they pretty much gave it to us. i will miss filmfest in hd, but if they give us IFC in hd instead, which is on the soon list(hey, i guess soon is here and starting now) it will be worth the trade. sadly, filmfest has gone downhill in the past year. it seems like they would only play the same 3 movies everyday. voom was not investing much into their programming and it was showing. everytime i turned to watch some hd tunes on rave, it was the same stupid "montrue jazz festival". it seemed like ever since mhd was added last fall, voom gave up on rave channel and didnt even try to show new material. personally, i am loving smithsonian. i would have downgraded to the essential, but i want mgm, smith, and yes, i actually did watch the fishing network, and yeah, it was pretty good. nice to see a show with ocean fishing on it for a change. outdoor only shows bass fishing. notice would have been nice they are going off the air, but everyone here knows charlie plays a different kind of ballgame with the programmers.


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Mar 16, 2004
Satsuma, AL
Damn. This blows.

They updated their website again, all the VOOMs are gone there too.

That tears it... if I don't find anything this week on MGM, HDNet-movies, UniHD or Smithsonian that is "compelling" I will be reducing to Essentials.
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Sep 18, 2005
5701 S Santa Fe Dr
as a tech i feel sick, im sorry dish but after 11 years of service in my home, this just pisses me off.. i cant even fathom a reason why they wouldn't tell anyone including techs, we have to sell the product more then any one. its up to us to make the cust go wow, thats kool. even go hey i like this hd channel. Voom was a great to go to just to make the tv look good while doing an install..

Dish u have screwed yourself again. you are reminding me of direct and they disgust me.
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