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Nov 12, 2008
San Francisco
Pass 2 years bought 20 of my book /WD/750GB/500N model in one shot . I never had a bit problem with this Unit model or receivers nor playback , even recommended from Dish and very happy with it till now, I’m bottom of my barrel is like 2 left. Got on line buy some more, real hard to find or is discounted. Or some site have it but never heard of them & turst!
I have 2 722s and one 722K & 612 was wondering if u guys have experience with this unit & end up to get deferent WD/model or brand works good with your receivers & playback let me know model #, or even if u guys know any sites u had experience and trust I can buy some more of the same model, let me know please
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May 5, 2007
Salem, OR
I have yet to find a drive that doesn't work with my ViP622. I've got a Seagate FAP 750, a Maxtor OneTouch IV 750 and a WD Elements 750.

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