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Jan 20, 2010
here is my setup:
1 HD
1 SD

the second Hd reciever replaced an Sd reciever so there was no need for "new" connections at the dish. Now I want to add the second SD back into the mix. I know i need a switch of some sort, but where does this go? can I place it in the basement where the feeds distribute through out my house? or do i need to replace the switch up by the dish?

Joe Diamond

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May 3, 2004
You get choices,

One way or another you need to generate another line for the SD receiver.

Path #1 = Convert the LNB / Dish to Single Wire Multiswitch (SWM) equipment. This will bring in one feed line that can be split.

Path #2 = Add a WB 6x8 multiswitch. This will generate a total of eight lines and you need five. You will have three spares.

Path #3 = Add a SWM 8 to what you have. This will generate the same number of lines but the "legacy" ports will allow you to use the SD box you have.

It looks like you will have to run another line for the SD box. The benefit of the SWM will be lost, assuming you have two lines running to the recorder now. Know that with the SWM equipment you only need one line to the recorder but there may be a compatibility problem, depending on the model SD box you have.



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Mar 27, 2007
My guess is that they'll do it for free cause you're looking at a new 2 year commitment by essentially "adding" a new receiver (others will correct me on the last point if I'm wrong).
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