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Jan 3, 2010
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I had Dish installed a few months ago, for 4 TVs; I have one dish on the roof and two receivers, each running two separate TVs. I need to add a 5th TV to the mix, that has to operate independently of the other TVs. Can I add another receiver? If so, can I buy one online and add it myself, or will I need to have Dish come out to install it?



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Aug 23, 2009
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The dish on the roof...what is it? A 500? If so you currently have two lines coming from it which runs one to each receiver you already have. If you add another box you will need another line thus you will most likely need a DPP33 switch to take the 2 lines you already have coming from it into the switch to give you 3 lines out to each receiver. So if you buy the box online make sure to buy a switch.

If you have a 1000.2 kit/dish then all you would need to do is add another line from that other port (it has 3) then run to the other box.

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