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Nov 26, 2006
Could someone please tell me how to add an extra reciever with the Dish Pro Plus twin LNBF. I used to be able to do all this but was a little confused when I took off the lnbf and saw three lines( one from the 61 sat). Then I have two lines out and then two dpp seperators into two dual tuner pvrs. I want to add an old reciever in my kids room and have some old 2x4 mulit switches. Can I use those still? If not what is the cheapest way for me to do this. Thanks
I hate to say it, but you're pretty much stuck using a DPP44 switch. It's going to involve a bit of rewiring as well.

You currently have your wingdish (61.5) tied into your D500, at port 3 on the DPP Twin. If you use the DPP44 switch, you'll have to run both dishes into the DPP44 and THEN run your receiver feeds from the outputs.

That's pretty much the short and quick answer. A lengthier one involves using a couple of DP34 switches and running additional feeds to each of your dual-tuners. Not a fun thing.
As Webby said you are out of luck for a cheap cure, you could take the tuner 2 output from 1 of the dual tuners and send it to that TV. Otherwise the DPP44 switch at about $150-200 is your cure.

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