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Jan 12, 2004
I have an interesting situation and I wanted to see what all of you suggest. I currently have a 501, which I love and have been very happy with. I've been wanting a TV in the kitchen so I can watch the shows I've recorded while I cook. So, I thought I'll get a 508 for that room only and be done. But, I need to have the recorded shows be available in the tv room also, since I watch them in there a lot too. When the 522 was announced I thought it sounded perfect for my situation and was planning on getting one as soon as they were available to purchase. Then, last weekend we got a plasma tv and now want the ability to view and PVR HD.

So, I really want the 921, but I'm not sure how I could get it to work for my situation. Any thoughts about this or other ideas for me?

Two more things I forgot to mention. I need the ability to watch both feeds at the same time. My boyfriend is usually watching something in the TV while I cook dinner. Also, is the $369 price the 522s are being offered for on ebay a fair price?

Thanks again!
I'll let other posters go thru all the hookup options on the 921, or you can look around for some of the manuals, etc. I think the biggest problem you might have is that I've read you can't watch HD and SD at the same time on the 921. ** Edit - I see you added that you want to have both HD and SD working at the same time. Just keep your 501, it's only an extra $5 per month for the "extra receiver" fee.

However, you'll LOVE HD on your plasma. I've had a NEC 50 for about two years, and the HD programming is gorgeous. I currently have a 501 and 6000. It's almost painful to watch NTSC (Never Twice the Same Color) broadcasts, and it's almost painful to not be able to PVR the HD stuff.

Yes, it's true, that some of it is upconvert, or in the case of ESPN-HD, just stretched "regular" pictures. It's also true that there are some HD channels that E* doesn't have. It's also true that some of the (particularly older) movies really show film defects.

Even with all that, you won't be able to believe how great the picture is. If you get a decent sound system, it truly is "just like being there".

I have a 921 on order thru, and I consider it a great addition to my entertainment setup.
Erin you may have trouble getting a 522 and if you get one off Ebay you may have trouble getting it activated. The 522 is supposed to be available only to new subscribers on DHP. According to Charlie Ergin they are not supposed to activate it for non DHP customers. Yes others have purchased and activated it but I wouldn't want to be the one DISH refuses to activate.
I doubt you will have any problems activating the 522 if you buy it from EBAY. I also got an email from Dishnetwork last night about the 522 for non-DHP customers and this is what the Dish Network Ecare Agent said

"Thank you for your email. At this time, we don't not have a date for when
these receivers will be available for non-DHP customers. Please stay tuned
to the monthly Consumer Charlie Chat (channel 101) and hopefully, we will begin releasing them sometime in the next quarter."

So it appears they should be getting out to us soon.
Thanks for all of the info. I have decided to get a 921 at my first opportunity. I'll keep the 501 in the TV room and have it wired out to the TV in my kitchen and also have it directly connected to our receiver in the TV room. That way I can record my show (there's really only one that I want to be able to watch) and watch it in either place.

The thing that helped me make my decision was a movie we watched last night. We finally bought the component cables for our progressive scan DVD and were absolutely amazed at the picture. I WANT HD!

Thanks again!

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