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Sep 26, 2003
Let's see pictures of everyones entertainment center. I know there's quite a few of you out there with 921s who are waiting for this bragging chance.
I'd rather brag about my whole house setup. Two receivers, upstairs broadcasting on CH3 and downstairs on CH4 visible along with UHF locals on every set in the house. I've attached the wiring diagram.



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justalurker said:
I'd rather brag about my whole house setup. Two receivers, upstairs broadcasting on CH3 and downstairs on CH4 visible along with UHF locals on every set in the house. I've attached the wiring diagram.


Can your wife understand/run that?
Two ten year old RCA TVs each with its own independent receiver, one on each side of a Dish500 dual-double LNB/SW-21 combo. It doesn't get much simpler than that. My wife doesn't care how it's hooked up as long as she can watch Lifetime Movie Network and Soap Net in one room while the kids watch Cartoon Network in the other. I need a third box for me! :(
Living Room:
57" Widescreen Toshiba Cinema Series HDTV & Dish 811

32" JVC & Dish 311

Kids Bedroom:
20" Toshiba TV/VCR/DVD Combo & Dish 311.

Many other audio and video components in each room but just the TV & Receiver setups as requested.
Justalurker, . . . nice schematics. I too have a whole house distribution set-up. Here are my schematics, . . . and yes, before anyone ask, my wife can understand this (now) :D As for my children and guests, . . . well, that is another story.

I originally drew this up so that I could plan out the cable purchases and cable runs. It turned out useful for us to understand where all the connections are for control and maintainance. We don't really use this much more, but occasionally I will dig it out when I need to do something very unique.

And, . . . this is one case where the multiple UHF remotes are very handy. We can control the DVR system (main Rcvr for non-HDTV rooms) from 1 of 3 rooms in the house (or more if we move with the remotes). ;)
I'll try to explain mine, don't have anything written up.

Living room:
34" Panasonic HDTV with DISH 6000, Samsung 151 OTA HDTV receiver and Express Vu 3100. TIVO hooked up to the SD output of the 6000 box. TIVO is ch 3 backfed to a 13" TV in the kitchen, which also has OTA.

Master bedroom:
27" Phillips TV with a 510 receiver.

Upstairs Den:
27" Sony TV with a 2800 receiver.

42" Gateway Plasma with a DISH 811 receiver. 811 is ch 3 backfer to my oldest sons upstairs bedroom. Also have a connection for the Express Vu receiver here so I can move that box between the 2 TV's. There is also a 27" Sony Wega TV here that is primarily hooked up to my youngest sons Playstation 2, but I hook up to the Express Vu box during football season for a poor mans SUnday Ticket.

This will change soon because I am just starting the process of finishing the basement. When I do so, the Sony will be backfed from our bedroom 510 in a separate office down there and the plasma will get a home theatre system. Haven't figured out where to put the Playstation 2 yet.

Hope this makes sense, I'm trying to write this from memory while at work.
Here is a picture of my livingroom setup:

Dish 811


LG DVD + VCR (Free with TV)

JVC Component Video Swither

Toslink Swith

I will get a picture of the masterbedroom as soon as my wife wakes up....
gpflepsen said:
justalurker said:
I'd rather brag about my whole house setup. Two receivers, upstairs broadcasting on CH3 and downstairs on CH4 visible along with UHF locals on every set in the house. I've attached the wiring diagram.


Can your wife understand/run that?
Yes. In fact when I first hooked it up she suprised me. I had told her upstairs was CH3 and downstairs was CH4, and I was watching something she didn't want to watch on CH3. She went downstairs, changed the channel to something she liked, then came back upstairs and watched it in the kitchen and bedroom (turning on sets as she moved). She even taped the end of a show that she was going to miss (sorry, no PVR/DVRs) on the bedroom VCR tuning it to CH4.

I intended to make the downstairs unit "my tuner" and set up events to flip to "my programs" so they would be on when I wanted them. We have ended up sharing both receivers ... like any good marriage! And (not shown because it is new) she gave me 5.1 sound for my birthday!

(And I don't mean running around me in circles yelling.)

Here are front and rear pictures of my home theater setup.
Toshiba MT8 720p HDTV Front Projector
Vutec 110" 16 x 9 screen
Panasonic 130w Surround Receiver
Panasonic Progressive Scan DVD
Samsung T160 DirecTV HDTV Receiver
Two JBL 12" Subs in front of room
Phoenix Gold Snap Sound In wall speakers


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L/R-Mitsu WS-55613,
Denon DVD-2200,
Yami RX-V1400,
Dish 811 & 508,
DirectV Hughes BIRD B2
Monster HTS-3600
Klipsch speakers all around 6.1

F/R-Sony Wega Direct View 32"
Toshiba SD-4800 DVD
Panasonic VCR
Yami- HTR 5460
Technics CD & Tape Player
Dish 301
Klipsch & Polk speakers 5.1

M/B- RCA 27"
Technics SA-GX690 Receiver\
Panasonic A110 DVD (first one Panasonic ever came out with)
Dish 301
Satellite sub & speakers

Kids- Panasonic 20 "
Dish 301
OK, here's mine. the screen is a Dazien cloth for audio transparency, 7.5 by 4.5 ft. Behind is a two foot recess with three 15 inch mach one three ways. The 27 inch JVC is for ordinary viewing, and a sony surround with component switching mates to the Sony progressive scan dvd and 6000 receiver. the dishes are on my super superdish thread. The frame around the windows is a channel to close off the edges of a blackout windowshade which hides behind the valance. And yes, those are logs in the wall. I built the house with a chain saw. The projector is a Sanyo 60ht 16 by 9 native lcd made for home theater. It is recessed in the opposite wall so it is inconspicuous and the outside of the wall has a housing where the air and noise don't come into the house. Three infinity speakers complete the rear surround for six channels. No subwoofer needed. Gives a wonderful theater experience.
OT but on a similiar topic

Several of you have a "distribution system". Does anyone know of a way that you can put both receivers in a central location and have both controlable via the same remote, but independent of each other. There are a variety of products that will transmit IR via UHF to another room, but as far as I know, they just repeat the signal, meaning that the IR blaster would control both receivers at the same time. Make sense?
Dish remotes can be programmed with id numbers so they will not interfere with one another but that doesn't address the wish to control two receivers with one remote. That would require a programmable remote that you could copy the codes of the two dish remotes and select which one you wanted as receiver one and receiver two. The problem is that the functions get confusing. You could assign a different number to each receiver and use the code change function on the remote to switch back and forth.
Nbtstatic: Nice fit & finish! Details about your entertainment center?

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