Advice on adding a DSR-922 to a DVB-S/DiSEqC system

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Dec 9, 2008
Portland, OR
Well I built my grandparents system as a DVB-S/DiSEqC fixed system.

The time has come to add a DSR-922 into the mix but I learned that the DSR-922 does NOT like the Loop-Out of a Coolsat 6000.

Everything ends up powering down as though there is a direct short is in the line.

I'm in the slow process of learning the DSR-922 and where to point the Dish for G1, etc.

But what I need to know is a way to slave the DSR-922 to the rest of the system. Yes, I've read up on Hi-Freq one-leg-power-pass splitters. I'm too tight on money right now to go get those. And I don't think my PerfectVision VHF-UHF/SAT Diplexers will work like those splitters. And I don't think a Dishpro Plus separator will work either. SOMEONE CONFIRM/CORRECT ME PLEASE!

Scrap that... After cleaning the actuator and installing it yesterday I saw that the ribbon cable that is buried is dual rg-6 and not the single rg-6 run of ribbon cable I thought I had. While typing this out, I realized everything is already in place. I need to do this all the right way instead of jury-rigging it.

On top of all that I have a spare mesh BUD that I might as well aim at BYU on 97W G19 C-band
BYU on 89W G28 Ku-band is too weak here.

I'll just put another BUD up and run the systems separate.
But that means finding 3" pipe for poles :mad:

If anyone has any ideas, here are the required channels with the system right now.
 83W Ku-band RTN (or RTV)
 97W  C-band BYU-TV
123W Ku-band Casper, Wy
and a Encore/Starz mux (LOS dependant)
 83W Geosatpro 1.2m
 97W 8.5 foot solid spun-aluminum BUD
123W Geosatpro 90cm
And I think I'll modify it to this:
Geosatpro DVR-1100c to Chieta Heavy Duty 4x1
 83W Geosatpro 1.2m
 97W 10 foot mesh Winegard BUD w/BSC-621
123W Geosatpro 90cm

Motorola DSR-922
8.5 foot solid spun-aluminum BUD
I've got polarotors to chose from but I'd probably get a voltage switched LNBF for the 4DTV system to ensure reliability.
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