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Jun 22, 2008
Does anyone have pointers on Dxing OTA channels in this day of digital signals and TVs that the channels must be scanned in??? I have a SONY lcd that I was using for scanning in different directions with my new programable rotor controller. The thing is pretty cool! Some channels still come in even when the antenna is facing the wrong direction. The thing that I would like to get around might be in my tv or possibly all digital sets. Lets say that I can receive 12 digital channels when the antenna is facing east. When I go to scan the channels with the antenna facing west not all of the east channels can be received. The thing that irks me is when I scan the west channels then the east channels that cannot be received in the west direction are deleted from my tv! It would sure be great to have the channels left in the memory for when I return to a previously scanned direction and it would be just a matter of selecting the channels instead of a another complete scan of the direction! Do all digital tvs do this?

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Aug 18, 2008
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Have you tried entering the real channel number of any of the stations you want to add? Not sure if Sony TV's allow manual channel entry. Samsung, Panasonic & some Toshiba models do allow manual channel entry if no virtual channel conflits exist. The only brand that I know for sure doesn't allow manual entry is Vizio.


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Jan 5, 2011
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I'm not sure if all Sony LCDs are like this but instead of "auto program" there is usually a menu option something like "add digital channels" where you can manually enter them.

Any DXing I do is with a converter box where I can do update scans (CM7000) or manually enter the channel (Zenith DTT901).


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Oct 19, 2004
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DXing is made more difficult with a tuner that has to scan to see any channels, unfortunately that is the way most are programmed these days.

As has been said, a tuner that allows you to directly enter the channel is very helpful.


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I am in the middle (77-91 mi) of 3 markets. Main tv does not have add on scan, kitchen tv does have add on scan. I scanned for the strongest signal in eastern direction, and use a converter box stb-t8 for the other 2 markets. Can usually find a signal from one direction or another during tropo

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