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Oct 12, 2010
I decided to create an album on my profile page. The pictures I used are too large to display at normal resolution in the browser window. They are not resized like they are when used in a thread, with the ability to go full size. Do we need to fix this? or do I need to resize the pics before posting them?
For Pub Members the max resolution for photo album picture uploads is 9600 x 9600.

So they would need to be resized to be below that. How big are the images?
Well smaller than that, 4288 X 3216. But check the album I made and you will see what I mean about the pictures not displaying so you can see the whole picture, like in a thread.
I see what you mean, it shows the entire picture but you got to scroll left and right to see it all, its not in a shadowbox like in a thread so that you can see it all in the window. (where you then can click on it and see it full size)

I will have to check and see if vBulletin has the shadow box feature available for the member album. Got to be honest I never really used the album before so this is new to me. :D
Well it's not a big thing for me, but I noticed there was a lot of visits to my profile page, so I though I'd put up something to look at. :)
I dunno... The first picture I see when I click on your profile picture looks pretty scary to me... :D Just kidding!
I looked at vBulletin and see that this is a requested feature but one that has not been added yet. :(

I also see no mods at for this. :(
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