Albuquerque 2 Spanish TV station just made a channel switchs

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Jan 23, 2005
Albuquerque, NM, USA
KLUZ-DT has moved to rf channel 22 from rf channel 42, while KTFQ-DT has moved to rf channel 42 instead on the old rf channel 22.;)

Did you get the hang of it?:biggrin

KLUZ-DT Univision and KTFQ-DT Unimas TV networks.

Now the weird thing is KLUZ-DT's TX site is no longer on Sandia Crest mountain is now north of Rio Rancho and the same time KTFQ-DT is now on Sandia Crest mountain for better extra coverage's!:p

Now I hope you guys don't get too confused on the channel switchroo...:rolleyes:

That's the news.:)

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