Alternative to the Superdish?


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You know that dish looks very similar to one of those prototypes that Dish had when they thought that they would merge with D*. Wonder how much one of those suckers cost?
Well, I just answered my own question, if you download the PDF's for in the install it shows that this sucker can be pole mounted. With the 40 degree arc, you can easily pick up Dish 110, 119, 105, and 121, as well as Direct TV 110,119,and 101. Though you couldn't do Voom or E* 61.5 since its out of the 40 degree arc.

You just have to make sure you have the right lnbf for the satellites such as an FSS for 105/121 and a DBS for 110 and 119. It dont have to be DishPro but can be legacy and still work. Dont forget the switches that you would need.
Well as far as doing a 105, 110, 119, and 121 configuration, you would need a DPP 4:4 switch (not available yet), you would need 2 reversed DBS LNBF (due to the double reflector design, and it would be best if they were dishPro compatible), and then two FSS LNBs. According to their website, they prefer that your sats be at least 3 degrees apart. This would be a problem with only 2 degree spacing between 119 and 121.

Still would be fun to try out.

DPP-44 is required because of the multiple slots and receivers it allows plus the legacy adapter built in allowing you to use legacy or DishPro receivers with the dish. DP-34 does not have the legacy adapter built in therefore you would have to use DishPro lnbf's with this switch then you would also have to use DishPro receivers or a DishPro adapter for each receiver. If you have legacy receivers your cost to go DishPro would end up costing you more than getting a SuperDish upgrade would be.

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