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I have just received official word from Echostar Spokeman Marc Lumpkin that that contact negoations between Dish Network and VIACOM and Turner (Time Warner) are ongoing.

While negoations are ongoing the Turner and Viacom Channels will remain on Dish Network.

At this time there will be no loss of your favorite Viacom or Turner Channels.

Again contract negoations are ongoing.
Does this include the CBS owned CBS stations that they added remapped channels for in case they are lost?

Is CBS staying on for now also?
This shows what is nice about having a built in OTA tuner into the HD receivers. You never have to worry about locals dropping off due to contracts.
DISH, Turner Ink Multi-Month Carriage Deal
EchoStar said it signed a multi-month extension with Turner for carriage of key networks: CNN, Boomerang, CNNfn, Headline News, Cartoon, TCM and Turner South.

No details were available concerning the extension. The original carriage agreement between EchoStar and Turner would have expired today.

EchoStar also has a temporary extension with Viacom for carriage of certain networks.
So this pretty well means that it is just a short extension to give time to negotiate talks for pricing instead of just dropping the channels at this time because of no agreement being made as of yet.
Dish is in a no win situation. TW has the advantage here, all the Turner channels, Plus HBO, etc. They can not afford to lose any of this programing because it will translate into lost customers. They will pay. After their HD, 921 , Super dish fiasco this company looks like it will always be the poor stepchild to the now Murdoch run Directv. Even though I despise Murdoch he will run Dish into the ground.
HBO is not a Turner channel

It is a Time Warner channel. Yes, there is a difference. I know they are all apart of the same company (Time Warner, formally AOL-Time Warner, formally Time Warner), but their contracts are still not merged. When Time Warner bought Ted Turner(I love that you can just buy a person for a couple of billion), that didn't null and void all of Turner station's contracts. That's why they are called the Turner channels(not Time Warner channels). HBO was always apart of Time Warner and thus has a different contract.
Dish wins?

If the money that Dish paid Turner is less than the revenue lost due to cancelled subscribers, then it seems to me that Dish wins (at least short term).

All the people who committed to a year of programming to get free equipment can't drop them. And not everyone watches these channels (I don't, for example), so some people will be angry -- but many won't notice.

In the meantime, when CNN's ratings drop by 10% because Dish isn't carrying them the advertisers will expect a reduction in ad prices and/or "make up" spots to adjust for the ratings change.
It seems to me that if Dish were to drop Turners durring someone's yr. contract then that person would have cause to terminate the contract without penalty because dish is not providing the advertised channels they said they would when the agreement began.
Don't Complecate things

They're playing games

-Dish and Turner need eachother for customers and ratings.
-Turner wants more money, Dish doesn't want to pay it.
-Dish cannot afford to drop the Turner channels (especially CNN. What will the liberals do without it...)

-They will play their games and then strike a deal. The ones who will be out the most are the customers of Dish Network who next January will probably receive a minimum $5 per month price hike.

-All this because billionaires want more money. twisted

...And we wonder why so many people are still on cable...
I thought the same thing too awax but if you sign something that states that the programming is subject to change at any time then I would think that the customer would still be bound to that contract that they signed, but if they did not sign any contract then that is something different because they would not have seen anything in writing pertaining to programming subject to change at any time.
Your contract reads channel lineup subject to change. You would not have grounds to terminatet her cintract.

Alternative to the Superdish?

811 no longer available thru Dish w/o buying HDTV in a box?

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