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Jan 21, 2006
Got Echo Buds hoping I can use those to listen to Hopper via bluetooth AND control the volume as bluetooth headsets without volume controls can't control the Hopper volume.

On the Hopper I did the Alexa setup with the code to the Echo Buds, but no sound coming out of the Buds and seems I need to have the Buds paired with the Hopper and my iPhone and Alexsa app?

It was very confusing setup. I suspect its not possible but hoping someone here knows OR knows of a bluetooth transmitter that I can connect to the Tv that can control transmit volume. So far I've only found those that can only control receiver volume.
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SatelliteGuys Pro
Aug 2, 2007
Austin, TX
I've seen a few reviews on tech blogs about the buds. I thought the Bluetooth transmitter that could control the volume, etc. was your iPhone/Alexa app.


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Aug 25, 2017
Pekin, IL
There was a post on the portal about these and “fix” was to set the volume with a Apple device
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