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  1. Does anyone ever watch AMG TV? Why is it not more popular? It has a lot of more recent programs compared to other over the air channel like Forensic Files, Sanctuary (Syfy 2008-2011, how did it get this show?), Republic of Doyle and Leverage and other shows like Animal Rescue, Designing Spaces and Judge Faith. It has a good variety of more recent shows. Although it seems like its stuck in the 70's with it's logo, website and presentations. Its available as a live stream on the internet. I'd rather see more subchannels like this rather than most focusing on pre 90's TV shows and films. Who owns this channel or why is it not promoted more?
  3. This channel is on C band on 97w I believe he likes us FTA hobbyists. It's a good channel.
  4. It probably has a great deal to do with the fact that it isn't offered through cable, DBS or OTA. Relegating something to C-band effectively keeps it out of reach of all but a relatively miniscule population.

    This would have been more appropriate in an FTA forum rather than the OTA forum.
  5. I've been watching Cold Squad, Da Vinci's Inquest and a few of the movies that AMG have aired. I'm lucky. Because I get to watch two episodes of Da Vinci monday to friday, since the show also is shown on Retro tv. And AMGTV is also available through Roku.
  6. To bad not shown in Albuquerque's TV market since it's a great Diginet imho.:hungry2 :) Same wise AMG on KU band...:hungry
  7. Is AMG TV not shown on channel 6.4 subchannel in the Los Angeles area?
  8. We have AMG OTA. It is a decent middle of the road channel. The contact there is Terry Elequa.
  9. AMG TV is also live on their website if anybody wants to watch it. Not bad if you like Forensic Files.

    A semi-similar channel Youtoo America also broadcasts online and oddly shows Forensic Files also.

    FF is everywhere it seems now.
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    A few remaining LP (low power) stations that have not converted over to digital yet airs AMG TV programming... We had a LP UHF station near here (WHRT-LP 17, Sebring, FL) ( until recently (was also on local cable), but it now has a new owner and seems to be off the air at the moment. However, they did file with the FCC to upgrade to digital, but so far I haven't heard if or when they will be broadcasting again., but there is files as recent as February 14, 2017 (Modification of a LPTV Station Construction Permit Application), so I guess they are still in business.

    Also noticed that one of the contacts was from someone at which leads me to believe they will be airing one of their affiliations.
  11. Just for those that don't know. AMG is no longer free on Roku. They give a 15min free preview each day otherwise it is $1.99 per month. Was surprised when I turned it on as I haven't watched it in quite a while.
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  12. I know this is not an option for Roku owners as it can't run Kodi but AMG TV's stream seems to have no time limit if you put it in to Kodi or VLC.

    The same for YouToo America's stream if anybody's into that also.

    I tend to load up Kodi and if possible MythTV up with online streams to make my local's only package feel much larger. LoL
  13. I watch Republic of Doyle but that's about it on AMG OTA. Not much else of interest to me.
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