Pittsburgh - Not Happy

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  1. TBD replaced Get TV
    Charge! replaced Grit

    Loved the new Get TV format (Life and Times of Grizzly Adams, Father Murphy, Sonny & Cher, Merv Griffin, etc.)

    Hope Get TV come back to the Pittsburgh area.

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  3. TBD sucks. What a waste of bandwidth. Get and GRIT are watched a lot here too. Fortunately they are not on Sinclair stations in Tulsa
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  4. So far TBD and Charge! have nothing of interest for me.

    I lost This TV and Grit here from Albany NY, but at least Get TV is still available.

    I spend more time watching MeTV, H&I and Comet in this household.
  5. Methinks TBD is intended for a millennial type audience with very short attention span's.

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  6. That sucks! I have Grit OTA, but I'd like Get OTA also.

    Maybe you can gather a whole bunch of locals together on Facebook, and help them to lobby to bring Get channel back for your area?
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  7. Just did a search and discovered that GetTV is available on channel 19 out of Youngstown. I think I'll re-aim my large directional UHF antenna this weekend from Johnstown to Youngstown.
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